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Each month we have a Blue Ribbon Competition for members only.  Members bring in paintings to the monthly meeting  to be either  judged in the  month's special subject category, or against others of the same medium.  We will add Blue Ribbon photos as we receive both new and those from past competitions. Competing in the Blue Ribbon is voluntary.  The winning pieces are then placed in a public show once a year.  We are currently looking for a place to hold our show.  which takes place annually in January or February.  The facility/gallery we were using is booked this year so if you have any suitable suggestions for next,  please let us know.
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2107 Monthly Blue Ribbon Competition and Categories

December - "Christmas Party"

November - "Barn""Street Scene"

October -  "Seascape or Lakescape" "Pasture or Meadow"

September - meeting cancelled

August -meeting cancelled

July -meeting cancelled

June - Picnic, if enough people paint plein air at the parkthere is a competition.

May - "Spring flowers"

April - "Water birds" (ducks, geese, swans, mergansers, sandpipers, seagulls, storks, herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, loons, etc.)

March - "Picture or sculpture with a shoe, coffee cup, AND bandana" (plus anything else you’d like in your piece.) This will challenge us!

February - "Window light" (after dusk, outside a home or building with window that is lit up. OR, inside a room with sunlight coming in through window.)

January 2017- "An Old Woman or Old Man"

2016 Blue Ribbon and Member Show Winners

There will be a Peoples Choice Winner announced later.

2106 Monthly Blue Ribbon Competition and Categories

December 2016- No competition / Christmas party

November 2016- “Christmas card”

October 2016- “Sepia”

September 2016- “Reptiles or Amphibians”

August 2016- “Tunnel or Cave”

July 2016- “Cold”

June 2016- No competition / PICNIC

In the past we have had a plein air competition that day at the park, but only if there are enough completed works by the time of the picnic.  I will see if we still plan to do that this year.

May 2016- “Tropical Birds”

April 2016- "Replicate an Old Master"

March 2016- “Fog, Mist, Smoke or airborne Dust”

February 2016- “Man Made Pillars”

January 2016 - "Desert"

2015 Blue Ribbon Monthly Competition

December 2015 - Christmas Party

November 2015 – The original challenge has been changed FROM:  “twice as wide as high”, TO: “Gallery wrapped, horizontal; any size, any subject, any style.” So I won’t be bringing my tape measure!

October 2015– Fire / firelight

September 2015– Sadness

August 2015– Graphite/Grisaille (black, white, gray tones), tinted with colored pencil

July 2015– Roses

June 2015 - PICNIC  (Possible Plein Air at the park)

Not enough to have a competition.

May 2015 – Back lit object (person, animal or thing)

April 2015 – “A Pair” (not a pair of paintings, a pair of something IN your painting)

March 2015 – Hands

February 2015 – Carnival or festival

 January 2015 - Birds of Prey (eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, etc.) You can use royalty-free photos from outside sources, but change them a bit.

2014 Blue Ribbon Show

Held the month of January 2015 at R. G. Endres Gallery

Judges from Rice Gallery of Fine Art. Leawood Kansas
Seth Smith
Andrew Helt
Erin Hannon

Blue Ribbon Show

1st. BOS Shannon Manning
2nd. Cathy Kline
3rd. Vivian Bound


1st. Cathy Kline
2nd. Darla Zook
3rd. Linda Seiner

2014 Blue Ribbon Monthly Competition

December 2014 - Christmas Party no competition

November 2014 "Silence"

October 2014 "Rabbits and Rodents"

September 2014 "Abstract"

August 2014 "Boats"

July 2014 "Patriotic"

June 2014

Paint out before/at picnic.  Rained Out

 May 2014 "Insects/Bugs"

 April 2014 "Charcoal Drawings"

 March 2014 "TRAINS"

Not pictured (he is usually taking the pictures) March 2014 Oil Painting “Tire Tracks” Greg Summers

 February 2014 "Music"

 January 2014 "North American Game Birds"

2013 Blue Ribbon Monthly Competition

December 2013 -Christmas Party

November 2013 "North American Hooved Game Animals"

 October 2013 Special "Graveyard"

September 2013 Special "Cactus or Succulent"

 August 2013 Special “Laundry Day”

 July 2013 Special "In the Garden"

 June 2013 No Special, Picnic, Plein Air

 May 2013 Special "Song Birds"

 April 2013 Special "Moving Water"

 March 2013 Special "Mountains"

 February 2013 Special "My House"

January 2013 Special "Children/Babies"

2102  Blue Ribbon Monthly Competition

December 2012

Christmas Party

 November 2012 Special "In the Kitchen"

 October 2012 Special "Fantasy or Surreal"

 September 2012 Special "Something Old"

 August 2012 Special "Butterflies"

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